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Final fantasy 7 four slots item

Gorky: 3 000Hp, 150Mp.
Shield with at least 2 levels.
Cid After the rocket in Rocket Town has been launched, talk to the man outside the item shop several times.
Red xiii Take Bugenhagen to the ancient city, then return to Cosmo Canyon on Disc 3 with Red xiii in your party.In the morning open the treasure chest and you should have the Key to the Sector 5 Slums.Final Attack with any level.Equip Cloud with the Ultima Weapon and give him the following materia.After this has been done throw everything you've got at him, bally beach club bingo pinball machine use Mime to cause major damage.If you do (i.e.Vincent: Chaos Using the submarine or a Gold Chocobo, go to the circular lake on the second island on disc.Make sure you do NOT have the w-item, w-magic, and w-summon materias.Red - Must have all 16 summoning materia at master level then talk to the red huge materia to recieve the Master Summoning materia.
Jump to it and start repeattealy pressing Circle.
Now fight untill you have 36 thousan BP, go to the prize machine and go to the next page of prizes, go to the bottom and get the W-summon.

Warning: When you use the "Hyper your status changes to "Fury which will lessen your hit rate.Magic Defense, defense, exchange for Item Coupon A in Shinra Tower.He will turn into a Ribbon.Then play the following notes s bonuksen maksupäivä 2017 on the piano in her room by pressing X, Square, Triangle, R1 Triangle, R1 Square, X, Square, Triangle, R1 X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle.Tifa: Final Heaven Go to Nibelheim with Tifa in the party.Heal yourself and use Summon Materia (like Choco/Mog) and you'll win in no time.
Don't forget to take the Red Materia!

An easy way to find him is to enter the Saucer and leave, then enter again, but you'd better have a Gold Ticket or plenty of spare gil otherwise!
Phoenix summon with at least 3 levels.