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Crafted skill bonus ark

crafted skill bonus ark

Sold Up for sale is a used Bach model 12 slide in lightweight nickel silver.
Did I mention her slide action is very good!
Using the timeless Conn 8D and Kruspe Horner models for the inspiration for the design, the NN508 really shines for players looking for that rich, velvety large bore French Horn sound.It's a Bach model 43 with a lightweight bell.The sound is very clean, crisp and punctuated with a rich vibrancy.It has two interchangeable bell flares, one of gold plated brass and the other solid sterling silver.It has been used for many years and shows that is has but overall is in very good condition with a lot of life left.Great shape, lightly used.It's one of the earliest examples, a late 30's horn with a 325,000 serial number.The 7GM is a medium gauge gold brass bell, and is one of Shires most popular models.The instrument is tuned in F/C/Eb/BBb or F/C/Db/AA.No mouthpiece included, but I can acquire a Van Der Heide mouthpiece for an extra cost.This one is in very good condition, has some wear on the contact points and a few dents that have been repaired.
The bell flare shows some repair scares and has the usual scratches you would expect of a tuba that has been played.
It has a unlacquered bell section with nickel silver handslide.

In good used condition with a few cosmetic dings of love and some contact wear in the lacquer.Sold 2400 with original case.In very good condition with just a little bit of cosmetic wear.If you wanted to play in C, I'm sure a new tuning slide could be fabricated for you (we could probably do it at our shop too).The original slide tubes were raw brass, the bottom is still intact.I did this because I have played Greenhoe 62Hs in the past and while I find them to play great, they always felt awkward to me with the narrow slide.Features the larger Marston made rotary valve (same valve on the Mt Vernons) with a closed wrap.This gold bell is particularly nice, good medium weight thickness that gives solid feedback on your chops.Very thin and responsive bell flare, good slide action.Not only is the F attachment a hand bent custom job, but this particular 88H has a 9" bell flare.A very good playing example in nice vintage condition.The most desirable horns, like this one, come from his 1960s period in Burbank.The horn sounds like it looks, warm with a lot of focus and color.This conversion was done at the Greenhoe shop and is not a Conn-Selmer produced variation.It is in like new condition.Dependent rotary valves in Bb/F/D.
In very good condition with some cosmetic pitting and lacquer wear.

Will be cleaned and tuned prior to sale.